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Web single sign-on (SSO) for Apache, Microsoft IIS, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss and Tomcat web and application servers.

Cams™ is secure, flexible and affordable web single sign-on and access management security software that protects static documents and dynamic JSP/servlet, ASP.Net, PHP, Cold Fusion and CGI web applications. Cams offers all the power of an enterprise web single sign-on security solution in a simple, flexible product for web sites: 1) On public or private networks; 2) With a single web server or a farm of web and J2EE application servers; or, 3) With user accounts in LDAP servers, Active Directory, SQL databases and more. Best of all, Cams has a price that makes 100 percent ROI a reality during the development cycle and unbeatable customer support.

" I can't tell you how reliable your product has been." - Cams SME Customer

"I want to thank you and the team for all your work and effort. The solution is working quite well and your support was instrumental in making this happen." - Cams Enterprise Customer

"We went live with our new site a couple of weeks ago and using Cams has made my job about 150% easier than it was before." - Cams Government Customer

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Web Security ROI

Companies think of security initiatives as "how to keep out the bad guys." But the good guys must be allowed in for a web-enabled businesses to thrive. The Return on Investment (ROI) benefits of using a web single sign-on software solution to deploy secure, business-enabling web applications can be overwhelming. This white paper creates the business case suggesting metrics you can use to . . .